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Common Questions and Answers

We have listed below answers to the most common questions we get asked about Exploit Virtual Webservers.

Q. Can I use Frontpage extensions on an Exploit server?
A. Yes.   We support FrontPage on our servers, for the time being.
Q. What's the catch with your 'free' domain name offer.
A. There simply isn't one.   Exploit simply offer free .com, .net and .uk domain names with all new servers to  encourage new business.  If you continue to host with us, we renew your domain free of charge.
Q. How difficult is it to manage a webserver
A. Its easier than using the video  - if you can use a web browser you can manage an Exploit webserver through the Server's cPanel user interface.
Q. Can an easy to use server still have power?
A. Absolutely.

All Exploit servers come with a full cgi-bin and ssl capability,  whether you choose to use it or not is up to you but the facility is there if you need it.

Q. Where can I find your terms and conditions ?

Terms and Conditions for Exploit Servers are set out in our Virtual Server License Agreement which explains the extent of our services and duties as well as  your rights and responsibilities.

Q. Why don't you offer unlimited web space?
A. Exploit don't offer unlimited web space as very few users need it.

By pricing according to the web space you need you get the best deal as you are not contributing towards the cost of the space and bandwidth used by the very few users that require unlimited space.

Q. What about advanced features - do you support these? 
A. Yes,  we support most advanced features which are available from the Server's cPanel user interface.  All Exploit web servers come  with their own dedicated cgi-bin,  and have access to PHP.  SSL is an option for secure e-commerce and is fully supported.

As our servers run on industry standard WHM REDHAT Enterprise Linux platforms (in use in 1/3 of all the Tier 2 and Tier 3 service providers around the world) you can be sure all standard applications will run on your Exploit web server.

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