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Free Domain Name Offer

Exploit are currently running a 'free' domain name offer.

To qualify for a free domain name simply purchase any virtual web server from Exploit with a .co.uk, .com, .net or .org extension.  There are no hidden clauses,  or additional fees,  at Exploit a free domain means a free domain.

To explain,  most other 'free' offers you will see advertised are not free at all,  they simply refer to free 'registration' of the domain.  As an example,  with a .co.uk domain you usually end up paying 80 + UK VAT for the nic fees on which the company offering the free name make their profit.  This may be carefully hidden in the small print,  so check it out if you are tempted by these offers.

At Exploit we simply charge a price for the web server and take care of all registration and nic fees for you,  the price you see on the server quotation is the price you pay.

Domain Name Ownership - Warning

If you are considering another provider ALWAYS check their small print to ensure you own the domain you are paying for and don't have to pay again to buy your own domain should you choose to re-locate your web server.

Some well known 'free' companies register domain names on behalf of clients in their own name.  They then charge the client should they wish to move the domain to another service.  As you do not technically own the domain in this situation, you have to either pay the fee,  or stay with the company.  This is very common,  so be careful!

We do not agree with this practice at Exploit,  ALL domains registered by Exploit on behalf of our clients are registered in our clients name,  you own the domain you pay for.

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