Make this year one to remember!

Almost anyone can now  generate continuous monthly income by partnering with Exploit to re-sell the Exploit Submission Wizard, and Exploit Virtual Web Servers.

By joining the Exploit reseller system you can offer your clients the benefits of the worlds premier web site submission technologies and custom hosting solutions  whilst at the same time creating a residual income stream.

Exploit do not charge for affiliate applications or make wild claims as to how much you will earn.  All we ask is that you put time into designing and building a site to sell the Exploit products you wish to sell and in return we will pay you a fair commission on every sale you generate.

As a result we believe we have a good working relationship with our resellers,  both those earning just $ 100 per month right through to those earning over $ 10,000.

If you are interested in reselling Exploit products please read through the 'details' below, and if you find these acceptable fill out the form at the base of this page.   

Remember there is no obligation and no charge to become a re-seller.   If you never sell a single piece of software or service you will not be out of pocket.  We of course hope you do, and you join our top re-sellers and earn a good income by selling the best submission and web hosting technologies on the internet today.



This document outlines the basic requirements for on-line re-sale outlets,  together with the commission scale paid by Exploit for outlets. It is issued for your information, but does not imply that you will be accepted by Exploit as a re-seller.


The re-seller must create and maintain a set of html pages for Exploit products / services.

These pages may either be a direct or customised copy of existing Exploit pages, or they may be created entirely by the re-seller.

The content and design of the site must be acceptable to Exploit and all orders for Exploit products/services must be made through the (secure) order form provided by Exploit. Details of the URLs for order forms for the various products available will be confirmed upon acceptance of these terms by the re-seller.

Submission Wizard

Exploit will initially create an affiliate  'VC' code for your site  and provide a set of order forms allowing your customers to customise a copy of the Submission Wizard during download and installation.   Without this 'VC' code the Submission Wizard will not install.   This Wizard will also have an internal link to your order form, thereby ensuring that all orders placed from within copies of the Wizard obtained from your site are attributed to you.   We have found this a far more effective way of tracking sales than through the use of cookies which we found were often refused by clients.  You will also receive URL's for secure order forms you can link to directly from your site for orders placed on the web.

All Products

Exploit will handle all orders and billing. You will automatically receive an order confirmation by email for each order placed through your order form.   Both a secure and standard order form will be provided.

Exploit will provide access to the online sales viewing system so you can view your sales at any time.

Every product sold through the order form attributed to your site or from within a copy of the Submission Wizard customised using your affiliate code will result in a commission for you.

Exploit will process the order, e-mail the product to the purchaser, and log up the sale to you, the re-seller. 
At a set date each month Exploit will pay over to you commissions due based on the current agreed scale.

The following initial commission scale is currently applicable. Exploit retain the right to vary this scale, but will give you advance notice of any forthcoming changes so as to protect your margins on current sales.

Products sold per month Commission
1 0%
2-100 25%
101-200 30%
201+ 40%

For example.

If you sold 250 wizard keys you would be entitled to 40% commission on the total sale during that month. If the average value of keys sold was $60, then your commission would be $6,000.

All orders will be processed by Exploit and Exploit set the retail price for all Exploit products.   This price will be identical for all Exploit sales sites,    you may not offer any discounts for Exploit products on your site.

If the above terms appear to be acceptable, please fill out the application form below.

New Affiliate Application Form.

User Code
Choose an easy to remember word for your user code.  The word should be between 4 and 8 characters long,  all in lower case and should not contain any spaces or unusual characters.  The code will form part of your 'VC' code which customers will use when downloading the Wizard.
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Post/Zip Code
Web Address