Submission Wizard Registration

When you click on the on the 'Register Software' tab on the speedbar,  then on the icon labeled 'Register the Submission Wizard' you will see the following screen.

Click on the screen for help on a topic.

Buy a Key Now

You can purchase a registration key for your Wizard by clicking on the button marked 'Buy A Key Now' the Wizard will then launch a browser taking you directly to the key registration page.

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Register the Submission Wizard

As soon as you have received the email from Exploit containing your registration key for the wizard you can enter it into the software and unlock the full power available to registered users.

Enter your key in the box at the base of the screen and click on the 'Save Wizard Key' button to save the key.

Please be careful when entering your key,  the key is case specific and contains no space characters within,  before or after the code.

If you have any problems entering your key please send an email to ensuring you quote the order date and key number you are having problems entering.

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Lost Keys

If you have lost your registration key you can request a copy of it by clicking on either the 'Lost Key' icon in the menu or the hyperlink at the bottom of the interface. The Wizard will then launch a browser taking you directly to our lost key page. Once here you will be prompted to enter the email address that the key was originally sent to. A copy of your key should then arrive within 10 minutes of the request. 

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