Exploit Submission Wizard Version 8 Online Help

Thank you for viewing the Submission Wizard help file.

The help file has been designed to help you get the most out of the Submission Wizard and to answer common questions.  Intentionally designed as a html hyperlinked document,  Exploit are able to update the help file with all the latest issues and help topics as they arise to provide you,   the user with a better service.

Please note that the help file is generated in our UK office,  so many parts use British English rather than US English.  We do receive a number of emails telling us that we have made spelling mistakes,  for example color/colour,  but these are simply a result of the slight differences in the spelling between our US and UK office,  and are not actually mistakes!

Each topic is hyperlinked to a page giving further information and screen shots to assist you further.  Click on a hyperlink below to obtain help for the topic of interest.

Installation Help

  1. Installing the Submission Wizard for the first time
  2. Upgrading an existing Submission Wizard installation
  3. Updating your engine database

Before you submit

  1. How to enter your site information and where to enter it
  2. Editing site information
  3. Deleting site information
  4. How to make automatic submissions
  5. How to make custom site postings
  6. How to schedule your submissions

During A Submission

  1. The submission progress window explained.
  2. Pausing / terminating a submission.
  3. How do I submit to Alta Vista?

After a Submission

  1. The Wizard reporting screen explained.
  2. What is Intellimatch and why am I not submitted to some sites?
  3. Generating additional reports
  4. Additional tools within the Wizard

Customising your Submission Wizard

  1. Using the Submission Wizard through a proxy server
  2. Miscellaneous settings

Registering the Submission Wizard

  1. How do I register my Submission Wizard ?
  2. How do I enter my key into the Wizard?

Common Submission Wizard Questions

  1. Common questions and answers for the Submission Wizard

Submission Wizard Technical Problems

  1. Common technical problems and solutions for the Submission Wizard

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