Common Questions

Here is some common questions  we are asked about the Submission Wizard.

Will the Wizard work with my dial up?

Yes.    The Submission Wizard can be used with any Microsoft TCP/IP stack. This can be via a network connection, Remote Access Service (RAS), or through a PPP connection.  

How do I transfer my sessions over to the latest version of the Wizard?

This should be done automatically, but do not worry if it doesn't because the process is simple,   just locate the old Wizard directory on your PC,   and copy the files ending .sav from the data directory to the directory called 'sessions' in the new Wizard 8 directory and next time you start the Wizard all your old sessions should be available.

Does the Submission Wizard submit to Alta Vista?

Yes. As you may well be aware, Alta Vista have changed their submission routine, anybody who wishes to submit to Alta Vista now has to enter a given code. The Submission Wizard has overcome this by actually launching a small pop up browser which contains the submission code needed.


All you do is simply enter the code that is on the screen and click the 'Continue' button. The code is not case or font specific and is refreshed every 5 seconds which will show the same code but in different fonts. Each code is valid for up to 5 urls.So basically you can submit 5 urls using the same code.

The Exploit Submission Wizard is the only software that can do this.

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