08/04/2002 Submission Wizard Help Pages - Upgrading

Upgrading an Existing Submission Wizard Installation

Exploit offer a free upgrade path to all current key owners and we have tried to make the process of upgrading your wizard as simple as possible.

Upgrading from Version 7.

Version 7 of the Wizard will happily co-exist on the same computer as Version 8 as long as they are not installed in the same directory.

We recommend you download Version 8 and install it in the recommended directories,   then run and test the wizard to ensure you are happy with the way the program works.

If you prefer Version 7,  then this will continue to work for the foreseeable future and all engine updates will apply to both versions,   however we think you will prefer Version 8,  so once you are happy you can simply delete the old Version 7 from your system.

One common question relates to transferring saved session information from the old wizard to the new wizard.

This should be done automatically, but do not worry if it doesn't because the process is simple,   just locate the old Wizard directory on your PC,   and copy the files ending .sav from the data directory to the directory called 'sessions' in the new Wizard 8 directory and next time you start the Wizard all your old sessions should be available.

Upgrading from earlier copies of Version 8.

Upgrading between releases of Version 8 is very easy.

Simply download the new wizard,  restart your PC to ensure no files are locked,  then run the installation program to install/upgrade the Wizard.   The new wizard will automatically update any files that need updating,  you do not need to use the uninstall first.

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