Starting an Manual Submission Run

To access the edit site menu click on the 'Submit a Site' tab on the speedbar,  then on the 'Manual Submissions' icon.

The following screen will then be displayed.

Click on the screen for help on a topic.


Session Groups

This will allow you to choose a selection of sessions you wish to submit. This is useful if you have a large number of sites and you only want to submit a certain group of them.

Session List

The session list contains a list of all your current saved sessions in the Wizard.  For information on transferring saved data from the an older version of the Wizard  please refer to our upgrade page.

Select one or more sites from this box to submit by either

  1. Click on box at the left of your chosen site to select it or

  2. Click on the 'All' button, this will select all of the engines in the selected group. You can deselect engines by either clicking the 'Invert' button or the 'None' button. By clicking the invert you will deselect all the engines chosen first and select the engines that were not previously selected.

Once you have selected the site/sites you want to submit,   continue to stage 2 and select the engines you you want to submit your site to.

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Engine List

The engine list contains a list of all engines currently available in the custom submission section.

Select engines from this window to submit your site to.     

There are many ways to select engines including..

Select All Engines

Clicking the 'All' button will result in all engines being selected.

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Select No Engines

Clicking the 'None' button will result in all engines being de-selected.

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Invert Engine Selection

Clicking the 'Invert' button will reverse the current engine selection.

For example,  if you had used the filter function to select the web spiders,  then clicked the invert button to invert the selection,   you would have all engines except the spiders selected.

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Start Manual Submission Run

Once you have selected one or more sites to submit,   and the engines you would like to submit to, clicking the 'Start Custom Submission Run' will start the submission process.

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