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Exploit Submission Wizard

Website promotion software for Windows. 

What is the Submission Wizard ?

The Submission Wizard is a search engine submission tool for Windows, designed to help you get your website into the search engines,  and keep it there.    Click here to find out more about the one and only Exploit Submission Wizard,  selected by Microsoft for their 'Shareware of the Week' award.


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Download the Submission Wizard

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The Wizard offers a better submission solution to your requirements. Unlike most other on-line packages, the Submission Wizard gathers all the data it requires before logging onto the net, then handles the whole submission and search engine registration process for you, relieving the requirement to press a button for every submission and allowing you to use your time more effectively.

Buying a key for the Wizard

Use this link to obtain the latest pricing information for the Wizard or to purchase a key using our secure server and unlock the full power of your Submission Wizard today.

Reasons to use the Submission Wizard!

If you are still not sure the Submission Wizard is for you, use the above link so we can tell you why we feel our software is the best submission tool currently available on the Internet or take a look at our guest book to see what our customers think.

Feature comparison table

The feature comparison table sets out the features available in the Free Edition and Registered copy of the Exploit Submission Wizard, allowing easy comparison with the features offered by our off and on-line competition.

Questions and answer page

If you have a problem or question take a look through our questions and answer page. This is where we list answers to the questions we get asked most frequently with regard to the Submission Wizard software.   If you have lost your Submission Wizard key and require a re-issue click here.

Send us your comments...

If you have a comment to make about the Wizard, would like to suggest a new engine, report a bug or add your ideas to our wish list please use our feedback form.

Link to the Wizard

Why not place a link to the Wizard on your site to help your friends and other users locate the best submission tool on the Internet.

The Submission Wizard really is the tool you need to help you with your search engine promotion,  why not give the free trial version a test run today?

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Exploit also offer some excellent other services,  including award winning web site hosting, powerseek search engine, and other software packages. 

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