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Feature Table

The following table enables you to compare the features available in the Free-Edition and Registered copies of the Submission Wizard, allowing easy comparison with services offered by our on-line competition.

The main point to remember is that the Submission Wizard is a fully automatic submission tool allowing unlimited posting of URL's and not a semi-automatic submission aid or pay per URL service offered by almost everyone else on the net.  The search engines in the Wizard are genuine engines - not simply a list of 'spam FFA farm' sites.

Feature Free Edition Registered Edition
Platform All Microsoft Windows Platforms 
Submission Method The Exploit Submission Wizard uses a powerful scripting language to submit your information in the exact format required by each individual engine.  Each search engine response/result page is individually analyzed to verify submission accuracy.    By posting the information automatically, the submission process is completed in a fraction of the time normally required and eliminates the scope for human error.
iMatch Technology Our advanced 'iMatch Wizard Technology' automatically filters the engine list on both category and country prior to your own selection to ensure your submissions are always welcome and appropriate
Engines Supported The free trial run allows submission to 20 engines to fully demonstrate the power of the Wizard and shows why we still have no real competition! The registered Wizard allows submission to over 1000 genuine engines, with more engines added every week.

Download the Wizard and get the current list.

Submission Reporting Enhanced reporting and printing facility, together with the ability to use the standard Windows copy and paste function to view and save the report in your favorite application. 
Manual Submissions We were asked for it, so its in there! The Wizard can accept a list of all your favorite engines, taking you to each in turn, allowing you to fill out the form if you prefer and press the buttons (although we don’t know why you choose to do this!). We couldn’t resist making life a little easier through, so we’ve added speed fill buttons to help you with your entries if you decide to use this function. When comparing to on-line services this is probably as close as we get!
Session Saving Save option to allow users to save information about the site they are submitting so it is easy to re-submit the site at a later date, or alter it to suit a different page.

Remember - The Exploit Submission Wizard does not limit the number of URL's or pages you can submit, which makes this function particularly useful!

Submission Time Submission time will vary depending on the user options selected and the response times of the individual search engines, however as a guideline submission to 500 engines should take under 5 minutes.

Power users can install multiple copies of the Wizard and make simultaneous submission runs, thereby reducing submission time to under a second per engine.

Scheduling The Submission Wizard allows you to schedule submissions for up to 1 year in advance.  You can also add repeat submission schedules to remind you when to re-submit a page.
Additional Tools In addition to the standard submission tool,  the Wizard also contains a domain name lookup facility, an ftp client, and icon editor, a web server monitor and speed search client.
Cost The Free Edition is FREE!

What more can we say, except why not download it now, and try it out?

Registration of the Wizard is performed through a 'key' scheme allowing unlimited use of the Wizard for a fixed period. With a standard key, we do not place any restrictions on the number of sites you submit with the Wizard, and you can submit as many URL's as you like, even if they are from different sites.

For the latest pricing information please refer to the Wizard Key Registration page.

If you would like to see a particular search engine added to the Submission Wizard, or would be interested in exploiting the advertising opportunities offered by the Submission Wizard, please contact us using wizardsales@exploit.net.

Words cannot describe the benefits offered by the Wizard.
Why not Download a copy now and take it for a test drive?