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Five Reasons to use the Submission Wizard

If you need a reason for using the Wizard, here are five we can suggest:

1. The Wizard is Unbeatable Value.

Others may claim to be the best, but the Wizard's value is unbeatable, part of the reason the Wizard has won countless awards including a coveted Internet Magazine Best Buy AwardZDNet Download of the Week,  and Microsoft Shareware of the Week.

With our unique and simple 'no hidden costs' key system, you can unlock the power of the demo software without additional downloads. Should the software be updated to include additional features at any time, your key remains valid for the new release, all you have to do is download and install the new version.

Whilst most web promotion services only allow you to submit just one URL before charging again, the Wizard allows you to submit as many sites or URL's as you like, and as often as you like using our standard key.

Both Educational and Commercial Organizations need only purchase one key in order to submit their URL's for all of their own and their customers' sites.

2. Award winning software from Exploit Information Technology.

Exploit Information Technology are at the cutting edge of technological development and are proud to have been the first company on the Internet to launch a fully automated software submission tool back in February 1996.

The Exploit Submission Wizard has always remained the premier professional submission tool submitting to over 300 engines, at a time when other services could not submit to more than 20!     Now with the Wizard Version 8,  we support over 1000 genuine engines,   a total that continues to grow while other submission software totals appear to fall away or become populated with FFA spam farms. 

Created by a recognized name in Internet promotion, the Submission Wizard is now the most popular fully automatic submission tool on the Internet. Exploit leads where others follow!

3. Unequalled Speed, Total Accuracy.

By removing the human input factor, the Exploit Submission Wizard ensures all submissions are made in the format required by the engines and eliminates operator error, whilst the fully automatic procedure saves both on-line and operator time, allowing you to use your time more effectively.

Our advanced 'iMatch Wizard Technology' automatically filters the engine list on both category and country prior to your own selection to ensure your submissions are always welcome and appropriate.  Using our browser stealth technology submission sites cannot differentiate submissions made with the Wizard from those made directly with Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Submission scripts are checked and updated on a daily basis (using our Submit-In-An-Instant technology), and through the use of our Pro-Wizard scripting, when a submission form does change, we update the data file in minutes, not weeks. Finally, unlike some others, you do not need to download a new copy of the Wizard to update its engine database, just use a simple update option on the menu which takes only a few minutes to complete.

4. Unrivalled Submission Power - Extensive Feature List.

Try the Wizard demonstration for yourself and you will know why the Wizard is the number one web submission solution, and why the facilities offered can never be matched by an on-line service.

The registered Wizard allows you to choose between fully automatic, or semi-automatic entries, allows you to perform fast unattended submissions, provides detailed, and customizable submission reports, but probably most importantly, the Submission Wizard allows you to submit as many URL's as you like, as often as you like.

If you choose to do so, you can also receive a copy of the Wizard news on a regular basis to keep you up to date with the latest engine lists and promotional offers with selected companies, however you can rest assured that Exploit will not sell our user list to other companies.

5. The Wizard will ALWAYS out-perform any On-line service.

As of 1 July 2002 we are unaware of any other company that can match the power of the Wizard, either on or off-line, and when you compare the technologies employed by the Wizard with those of our on-line competition, it is not difficult to see why.

Most on-line services work in such a way that you enter your data, and select the engines you want to submit to. They then bring up a sequence of screens that allow you post your site to each engine in turn by clicking a submission button. When you see the result of your submission you will normally then be required to use the back button on your browser to return to the submission page to continue to the next engine.

The resulting equation is simple, to submit to 300 sites you will either need to load 300 different submission pages over your modem connection, or with some services re-load one very long page with 300 buttons 300 times, which represents a lot of human input and a waste of valuable time.

The efficiency of on-line submission services will always be limited as users compete for a decreasing share of available on-line bandwidth and server resources. How would you like to share you PC with 10 other people, never mind thousands.

In contrast the Submission Wizard has been engineered to work on virtually any PC running Microsoft Windows, and cuts out the need to constantly return to a central, increasingly overloaded server.

The Wizard does not need to load a submission form through your modem and removes the necessity for a user to be present to laboriously click buttons during the submission process.

The Wizard is the best and most effective solution for your submission requirements.

Download the Submission Wizard now and give your site the exposure it deserves.