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Register your Submission Wizard

Why not purchase a registration key to release the full power of your Submission Wizard?

By purchasing an unlock key now you will be able to use all the features available in the registered edition of the Submission Wizard for the full duration of that key regardless of the Wizard version or our future pricing policy.

Included in the price of the registration keys are free upgrades for ALL future releases of the Wizard and ALL engine database updates without further charge.

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SECURE Wizard Key Order Form

Exploit do not limit the number of sites, pages, or URL's that can be submitted with the Submission Wizard,  one of the many reasons the Wizard still has no real competition over 6 years after its initial launch.

Remember,  with a Submission Wizard key you get free software updates,    free upgrades to all future Submission Wizard versions,  free database updates and free technical support from Exploit.  

Online (Secure) Submission Wizard key pricing:

Key Duration / Cost

UK Sterling  US Dollars Other Currencies
1 Month Key 25.00 $ 40.50 Currency Converter
3 Month Key 45.00 $ 73.00 Currency Converter
6 Month Key 65.00 $ 105.30 Currency Converter
12 Month Key 100.00 $ 162.00 Currency Converter

All indicative US Dollar prices based on exchange rates @ 1 September 2009

Discounted key renewals for existing users

Exploit also offers discounts to current Submission Wizard customers who wish to extend their standard key prior to its expiry.  For further details,  please refer to our Key Extension page.

Standard Order Form

If your browser or proxy server does not support the secure transaction protocol (most do - click the above link to try it first), you can also use the order form within the wizard software, or our standard on-line order form.

Security Statement

For your safety whilst ordering online Exploit operate a fully secure order server with our own secure certificate issued by GTE Cyber Trust,  a trusted third party who only issue certificates after background checks have been carried out.