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Common Questions

The following document is generated from the feedback received at Exploit, and is updated on a regular basis.

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Questions and Answers

If you are having technical problems running the Wizard software, please refer to our technical problems page.

If you think you may have found a new problem, and cannot find an answer in the problems page please let us know using our feedback form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

At the moment there is no dedicated Submission Wizard for Mac,  however if you have a Windows emulator on your Mac,  download the 16 bit Wizard and give it a go.  We have managed to run this Wizard using this method on a Mac,  however unfortunately we cannot offer technical support.

Whilst we can delete the data file on our data server, we cannot force users to update or delete their own data files. Many users choose to backup their data files prior to performing an update, subsequently copying some deleted sites back to their data directory.  This is not recommended because submission sites are only removed from the database for good reasons; adding them back will only result in failed or inappropriate submissions.

The Submission Wizard is simply a submission tool and Exploit have no control on how it is used.

The Wizard is a powerful submission tool and can quickly overload sites that are not set up to handle any more than a basic level of traffic.

Whilst some sites have taken action by using the Wizard's input to form a comprehensive database, others have asked Exploit to remove their site from the Wizard entirely.

We appreciate the problems encountered by specialist sites wanting to maintain a specialist directory, and our policy is to leave these sites in the 'manual' submission section to force Wizard users to look before they submit, however some sites still request removal from the database entirely.

On a regular basis we visit each of the sites submitted for addition to the Wizard to see which are capable of being processed by our automatic submission engine.

As soon as we have written and tested scripts for these engines, the scripts are uploaded to our data server, and the next time you run the Wizard it will ask you to perform an update which should take approximately 5 minutes to install the new engines, expanding the automatic submissions base.

The auto-submission routine in the Wizard is capable of submitting around 99.5% of all web sites, however some sites simply cannot be automated as they require specialist input, or charge for entries.

Rather than ask you to fill out 500 boxes prior to submission, Exploit have created a 'manual' engine to assist submission to this type of site and make it as painless and fast as possible through the use of autofill buttons for repetitive fields like the URL or site description.

Exploit also refuse to add the FFA spam farms to the software.  Whilst this would increase the number of engines in the Wizard,  it does not increase your exposure.  The only result of adding these engines is even more junk email being sent to your email address!

I have read that some engines are blocking automated submissions - does this affect the Wizard?

No,  the Wizard is not affected.  The Submission Wizard is able to use browser stealth technology where required and submissions made with the Wizard are identical to those made directly at the submission site using Netscape or MSIE.
Normally only on-line services are affected by these types of measures as they are detectable through their static IP and referring pages,  however we understand some other software packages are also affected as they do not emulate all aspects of a browser in full.  In addition,  the Wizard does not automatically alter your pages for you in any way as automatic software alteration can be easily detected and targeted against by any respectable spider,   therefore we believe it to be a flawed policy,  infringing the Netiquette policies of many search engines.

How do Exploit go about choosing which engines to add to the Wizard?

Exploit have a listing of over 16,000 sites which currently accept submissions on a wide variety of topics, from general interest sites accepting general entries to specialist sites only interested in links to sites that are related to their own.

Given the vast number of possible candidates, Exploit therefore adds sites on an recommendation basis.  If there is a site you would like to see added to the Wizard, let us know using our feedback form. All sites are usually added to the manual submission data engine within 48 hours of receipt.

We do not add 'spam' FFA farms to the Submission Wizard,  only genuine FFA sites are accepted.