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About the Submission Wizard

The Exploit Submission Wizard is an award winning search engine submission tool developed by Exploit Information Technology Ltd. for the Microsoft Windows platform.

The Wizard helps you to make submissions to important search engines,  essential to the success of your web site.  Once there,  the Wizard will help you maintain these listings.

Version one of the Wizard was released back in 1995 during the infancy of the net as we now know it when there was widespread confusion on the internet as to how to best promote your site.

The program was designed from the outset to offer all web users the ability to submit sites fully automatically to the ever increasing number of search engines on the net without hassle or complication, and in a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with the tedious manual or semi-automatic on-line site submission processes.

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Since 1995 both the Submission Wizard,  and Exploit have come a long way.     Exploit  Information Technology Ltd are recognized on the Net as the leading software house for creation of site submission software,    winning countless awards for each new release of the Wizard and backing this up with award winning site hosting solutions able to cope with the load generated after promotion of the site has taken place.

Probably the highest compliment we have received is from our newest competitors, many of which have created software which looks very similar to earlier Wizards,  and copied large amounts of our web site text,    a true sign of a great interface created first here at Exploit!

Through this fame,  and our excellent client relations we have been able to invest heavily in the Wizard,   creating Version 8,  simply the best Wizard yet.    By working with our clients and their suggestions we have been able to build on and improve our previous wizard versions beyond our wildest dreams,   putting all other site submission solutions in the shade!

The Wizard gathers all the information about your site required for a successful submission while off-line using an easy to use 'friendly' interface.

Once the required data has been gathered, the Submission Wizard will use your standard Internet connection to submit your site to a host of major search engines and high traffic sites without any further input.

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During the submission process the Wizard can run as a background application, leaving you free to use your on-line time to surf the net or gather your email, safe in the knowledge that the Wizard is at work submitting your site, and eliminating the need for you to locate and figure out the submission process for each engine.

When the Wizard has completed its submission run, it will display a printable submission report screen, showing which engines have accepted your submission, and which have not.   With this information readily to hand you can re-submit your site to the 'problem' engines next time you surf, making sure your site always has the best exposure available without sacrificing your valuable on-line time.

We do not make wild unattainable claims for the Wizard,       it will not make your coffee in the morning and talking to the Wizard during a submission run rarely improves performance,  however what you will find is that the Wizard is simply the best solution on the net,   it is fast,  effective and being constantly maintained it is very accurate.

With a standard Wizard key there is no limit on the number of sites, or separate URL's within each site that can be submitted. With submissions now completed without taking up your valuable time, you can submit a different  set of URL's each time you log-on, giving your site a greatly increased visibility on the web.

Why not download the Submission Wizard now and take it for a test drive today,   all great websites deserve great exposure,   don't let yours be the exception!